Perfect Praise

I have never seen a more aptly named business. Summer went above and beyond to ensure that our event truly was "Simply Perfect." Our wedding had over 220 guests and spanned 2 venues, but Summer ensured that the logistics and flow of our day was seamless. She never failed to follow up with me and allowed me to be as hands on or hands off as I wanted to be in the planning process. If you're looking to throw the perfect wedding and want to avoid drama, Summer is your gal!

- Sarah and Tommy
Hands Down the absolute best planner that I have seen in action and I know without a doubt that my family, friends and wedding party will all agree with this sentiment. I met Summer about 2 weeks after getting engaged. My fiancé and I wanted a relatively short engagement so it was important to find a planner who planned events as a full-time job and not a hobby. Upon emailing Summer, I received a response within 12 hours. We met a few days later and I knew instantly that she was the one for me. At that meeting, I explained to her what I "thought" I wanted because honestly I wasn't sure. From that conversation, Summer somehow pieced together my thoughts and within 3 days of our initial meeting we found the perfect venue. Over the course of planning Summer handled every aspect of my wedding without question. There were times when I would call her with an idea and her immediate answer was always, "I'll figure it out!" It got to the point where I had to reread our contract to make sure that I was overworking her. :) This was so valuable to me because my husband and I own a business together and we just didn't have the time to make the hundreds of phone calls she made. Summer truly came to life on the night of my rehearsal. She offered her phone number to each member of my wedding party and instructed them to call her with any questions. That's when she won everyone over. To say that I recommend Summer is an understatement. In fact I urge you to hire her. In the beginning my husband did not understand the value of a great planner but we now both agree that hiring Summer was the single best decision we made in wedding planning. If it were not for her we definitely would have called off the wedding and made our way to the courthouse. She should honestly receive an award for how flawlessly she executed our wedding from Start to Finish. From Ed & I, my entire family, and wedding party….Thank you for making our experience Simply Perfect!

- Ashley and Ed
Summer was amazing & although she works with many brides at once, I always felt like the only one. She did more than just coordinate the wedding for smooth running, she also checked in with me in regards to how I was doing emotionally. She felt like a friend throughout the process & I am grateful to have had her help!

- Misty and Ty
Summer was just phenomenal! We used her as our day-of coordinator, as my fiance and I had already chosen all of our vendors and made most of our plans before realizing the need to have someone take charge at the event. Summer is genuinely a nice, motivated, and honest person. She was quick to answer my emails and took care of interfacing with our vendors, which I much appreciated! She is very organized and down to earth. She even saved us some money negotiating with our caterer close to the event date! As a first time bride, it was very nice to have someone in the business to know what's right and to stick up for you when needed. The day of my wedding, I didn't have to worry about a thing- I knew Summer would handle everything behind the scenes by making decisions for me (as requested) and leaving me to have fun. I highly recommend her!!

- Leslie and Jason
Summer McLane is beyond belief Amazing!!! There were times when I'm sure she was more interested in my wedding than I lol. She mitigated problems before they occurred and was the official go-to/ liaison between me and the vendors. Because of Summer my only stress was my mom the day of lol. I enjoyed every moment with her, her professionalism attention to detail and wonderful personality was most welcome and contributed to the success of my event. If you want it done and want it done right Summer is your woman!!! I absolutely love her!!!!!!!

- Deanna and Ashard
Summer McLane, who founded and created, My Simply Perfect Wedding & Events, is an unbelievable wedding planner! From the day we hired her, Summer was 110% committed to making us happy. She was incredibly flexible with her time, and always went above and beyond the call of duty. To better conceptualize how great Summer was, here are a few examples of how she helped us: 1) One week before our big day, our hair and make up artists cancelled on us. All I had to do was shoot Summer a text, and she immediately researched and found excellent replacement artists for us. 2) The hotel that hosted our wedding had some very strict insurance policies for vendors. Although we didn't find this out until after we had booked the majority of our vendors, we ended up having zero issues due to the fact that Summer essentially took on the role of an insurance broker and fielded all of our vendors questions. Summer always made me feel as though I was her number one priority - she came to my first dress fitting, she coaxed me through different family issues that arose, and she always responded promptly to my questions. Planning a wedding can be quite stressful, but because of Summer, for us, the planning process was actually quite pleasant. I highly recommend Summer to ANY bride. THANK YOU, Summer!!!

- Kristin and Mike
I could not have pulled off the wedding of a lifetime without Summer McLane. From our first meeting to my goodbye wave from the getaway car at the wedding Summer was right there to help make it all happen. She is very accommodating with 1:1 meetings and has a wealth of knowledge in all things wedding related and then some, including vendors, for all budget types. She is highly known, well respected and comes thoroughly recommended. She was able to think quick and resolve all of my issues leading to and on the day of the wedding, keeping me calm and classy. Summer allowed me to have my bride-zilla like tantrums via IM, Facebook messenger, phone or face2face. She always listened to what I was saying or what I envisioned my day to be and made sure that it all came true. She understood my actions or reactions and backed me up when it was needed or calmed me down when I was going too far. She works well with all types of people and has a vendor rolodex a mile long! Summer and her team was dynamic and I loved every minute working with her. Of course we have had to continue or friendship as she is amazing.... If you give My Simply Perfect Events your vision they will make it into a reality.... All of my wedding dreams came true because of Summer and her team.

- Amy and Jason
BEST decision we ever made. Summer was 100% committed to making us happy. She made us feel comfortable day 1. She was always prepared, and was very flexible with her time. Summer makes you feel as though you are her #1 priority. I would HIGHLY recommend to any bride.

- Yentl and Jimmy
Summer was our Angel/Secret Agent/Whip Cracker for our wedding which had to be completely rescheduled from August '07 to January '08. This meant some things had to be altered to accommodate the weather, not to mention that weekend wound up being one of the coldest and iciest in Atlanta. The wedding went off without a hitch and if anything did go wrong, I STILL don't about it to this day. Last but not least, Summer has the brightest smile ever, which probably makes any vendor, even the cranky ones, want to do whatever she says :)

- Kate and Jon
Summer was a wonderful wedding coordinator! We had so many ideas before we brought her on but had no clue where to actually start planning. She helped us clarify, simplify, and pull everything together. We had a perfect, unforgettable night, in large part thanks to Summer's assistance and hand holding through our many questions and crises. Thank you Summer!

- Sharly and Jordan
Summer is a great wedding planner. She was referred to me and after meeting with several planners I felt Summer was the one who really listened to what I wanted yet offering me guidance throughout. She made me comfortable by giving me attention when I needed it and was there for me anytime throughout the entire planning process. Summer is prompt, thorough, stands her ground when needed, offers her ideas & help as well. She helped make my wedding stress free for me & I recommend her! One thing about Summer I really liked was that she stayed on top of some difficult vendors, followed up, and kept me updated throughout. She also helped me keep at my budget by coming up with ideas on where to save so we could have some of the more expensive things that were important to us. Thx Summer!!

- Melissa & Davin
One month ago I had a big beautiful wedding! We had 17 bridesmaids, 17 groomsmen, 3 flower girls....etc, etc. In all we had 52 people walking down the aisle and 400 guests to watch. Summer handled it beautifully! We had so many little details and activities planned that it really could have gotten very chaotic, but Summer was so organized and calm. I even had a little hiccup where I left my reception headpiece at the hotel and she drove all the way back to get it for me! And in the throws of planning she had such great suggestions for any questions I had; things I would have never thought of even though I spent a year researching everything wedding-y. I'm telling you, do not do this without her! Now just sit back and relax. She's got you covered.

- Robert and Megan
I was a little apprehensive about hiring a wedding planner to help me with such an important day in my life. However, Summer made the planning process less stressful for me. She provided me with vendor suggestions that were able to create the vision that I had for my wedding. She made all of my guests feel comfortable and helped to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Summer was also prompt and prepared for all meetings with me. On the day of my wedding there was nothing I had to worry about, I was able to enjoy my day of happiness. If there is anyone who is interested in hiring Summer for any special event I would highly recommend her, and I would not hesitate to call her to plan any other major event that I may have in my life.

- Andem and Shauna
I used Summer's services of My Simply Perfect Weddings and Events for my wedding on July 20, 2012. Summer was very personable and helpful. I actually hired her a little less than 2 months from my wedding date- which is pretty late for booking. She actually had plans for my wedding weekend but was accommodating and agreed to be my Wedding Coordinator for my big day. I was relieved. She provided suggestions for florists, photographers, and DJs which was really helpful. She made sure the wedding day went smoothly and not to bother/stress me with calls. I would definitley recommend Summer.

- Valeesha and William
Summer - Kris and I could not begin to thank you for the invaluable services you provided to us. You were more than a wedding planner. You were an angel!!! My wedding day was absolutely perfect!!! The trait that I most appreciated was your ability to keep me calm and collected through the planning process. If there were any problems I never knew about them. Our wedding really would not have been as wonderful as it was if it were not for your attention to detail and organization. Thank you so much for everything!

- Kristen C.
My Simply Perfect Weddings made my wedding just that - simply perfect and fabulous!! Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and reception. Summer McLane made certain that all the details leading up to and including the big day were checked and double checked, and if there were any glitches - I did not know - and that is the mark of a professional, creative and excellent wedding planner! I would certainly recommend My Simply Perfect Weddings & Events for yours!

- Danita
Hi Summer, I just wanted to thank you for everything you helped us with for our ceremony and reception. I kind of blindly picked you off of this atlanta bridal website and I'm so glad I did! You make me feel like everything was taken care of and so I didn't have to be that person thinking about the logistics of my own wedding. I hope everyone hires you because you are low-key, nice, take charge when you need to, and can fix crisis' without a blink of an eye. Thanks again and I would be happy to talk with anyone who might want to hire you and needs a verbal recommendation. We had the best wedding and everything went PERFECTLY! Thank you!

- Tracy and Rob K.
Stress what stress? With Summer, Darren and I had nothing to worry about. Anything that was a cause of stress for us we put on a list and gave it to Summer to take care of. It was awesome. Everything worked out beautifully on the day of our wedding. I told Summer that she must have been really stressed that day since Darren and I were so stress free. She did not comment which lead me to believe that one, she's either super woman or two, she was being super nice. So for all you people out there looking for a wedding planner, look no further than Summer Mclane the super wedding planner woman.

- Azi
Thanks again for all your help with the wedding and even helping us get the questions with the billing straightened out with Suzette, after the fact. Everything went perfect and I couldn't be happier with the way the day turned out! I couldn't imagine doing all the planning for it and the day of without your help. I've had many people, who attended the wedding, comment on how impressed they were with how on top of everything you were and also kept everyone in place at the same time. Just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and many hours you put into our wedding day! I just can't believe it's all over already.... Thanks!

- Tiffany D.
My Simply Perfect Wedding and Events was more than I could ever ask for. I can't imagine planning a wedding any other way. My wedding was the wedding of my dreams and there is no way it would have been possible without the dedication and excellence of Summer. I was one of those brides who had no idea how to plan a wedding. I didn’t even know what colors to choose. I couldn’t even find a venue until I hired Summer Mclane of My Simply Perfect Weddings and Events. After that my life was easy. The wedding went so smoothly and I am forever grateful to Summer. Thank you!!

- Fran E.
My fairy tale wedding was made possible by "My Simply Perfect Weddings". Every little girl dreams of walking in her beautiful dress to her handsome prince in a beautiful venue designed the way she's always envisioned. What we fail to factor in is all the planning that goes into making a fairy tale wedding possible. "My Simply Perfect Weddings and Events" made my wedding day a day of happiness because everything was taken care of and not by me. I shared my vision with Summer and she SIMPLY made it come to life. I would recommend "My Simply Perfect Weddings and Events" to all brides that want their wedding day done right and hassle free.

- Nadia S.
I want you know that I know that it wouldn't have been as wonderful if you hadn't been there to keep the party going!

- Kate S.